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Welcome to Good Shepherd Family!

Education plays a very important role in the creation of a just and harmonious society, where people accept one another, respect the uniqueness of each other and promote life to its fullness. Every student has a dream and a gift to contribute to the society. Also every committed educator has a passion for giving wings to the dreams of the students. We at Good Shepherd take great care in accompanying our children to unlock their highest potential, challenging them to soar high. They in turn become effective members of the society, making positive choices to contribute to the global community in a respectful manner. Attuned to the values of the Good Shepherd whose patronage we cherish, the students of Good Shepherd School are expected to emerge as beacons of light sharing from the abundance they possess.

We are happy to launch our new school Mobile App, an aid to better communication leading to improvement in the all round development of the students. I'm sure that the website will be an excellent medium to give better expression to the creative talents and abilities of our children and an opportunity for the parents to support and encourage them.
May our journey together be one that glorifies the author of life!

Sr. Cincy FCC

Principal's Message: Academics
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